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Big Zoom Telescope Camera

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App for image and video capturing with HD camera zooming, and exploring faraway objects clearly.


The Big Zoom Telescope Camera application is the best app to do more with your device camera. Take pictures and record videos with many effects, and mega zoom in that depends on your device camera resolution.

Incredibly handy, powerful photo processing, flashlight support and big zooming ability make it a must have application.

•Light Level and Brightness Control
•Image Capture and Video Recording
•Auto-Focus Lock or Keep Using Manual Zoom
•Use Slider or Pinch to Zoom In/Out.
•Support Both Portrait or Landscape Orientation
•Flashulght Support for Low Light Use
•Support Front Camera
•Full Screen User Interface
•Save Photo to Exclusive Photo Album

Automatic Call Recorder 2020 is a useful tool to let you record your phone calls, manage the recorded files, and edit them for further.


The application has advanced features like contacts backup, password protection that single out the usefulness of the application from the other recorders on the Play Store.

Record the audio files in multiple formats, share, play, rename, delete and trim the recorded clips.
Secure your app with password security & stop unwanted people from accessing your personal call records.

📞 Record calls in HD sound quality
📞 Have a pop up with an incoming or outgoing call to start the recording process or keep it on for all calls.
📞 Play the recorded calls, Play, Delete, Share each call
📞 Supports 3GPP & MPEG4 formats
📞 Deletes the old call records when they become too old
📞 Password Protected
📞 No Internet Required
📞 Supports Multiple Languages
📞 Easy to use and small app size